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Feedmill Management

FeedMill Excellence with SAP Business One: Nourishing Your Flock, Empowering Your Future

Welcome to the heart of poultry nutrition – the SAP Business One FeedMill Module. Crafted to simplify, optimize, and empower feed production, this solution stands as the cornerstone for a healthier, more profitable poultry operation. Dive into a world where feed management meets simplicity and efficiency.

Why Choose LogicalDNA as Your SAP Partner?

We embrace holistic development and support for the aim of being a first-choice vendor within our sectors.


Industry Prowess

LogicalDNA brings years of deep-rooted understanding of the poultry industry. We speak the language of your flock, ensuring SAP Business One aligns seamlessly with your feedmill needs


Tailored Solutions

We specialize in crafting solutions for you. LogicalDNA ensures that SAP Business One integrates effortlessly into your feed production process, empowering you with a custom-tailored experience.


Proven Success

LogicalDNA boasts a track record of success in implementing SAP solutions in the poultry sector. Join a community of feedmills experiencing efficiency and profitability like never before.

Where Every Pellet Counts: Efficiency, Nutrition, Profit

Ingredient Management Simplified:

Mixing Perfection

Craft nutrient-rich blends with ease. Our Ingredient Management feature simplifies the process, ensuring every pellet is a perfect blend of nutrition.

Automated Batch Processing

Hands-Free Precision

Our Automated Batch Processing takes the guesswork out of production. Let automation boost your feed production, ensuring each batch meets perfection without manual intervention.

Real-time Inventory Insights

Stay ahead with Real-time Inventory Insights.

Always know what’s in your bins, preventing shortages and streamlining your feed production process.

Quality Assurance in Every Bite

Healthy Birds, Happy Farmers

Ensure Quality Assurance in Every Bite. Our system guarantees the production of high-quality feed, contributing to the health and happiness of your poultry and your bottom line.

Cost-Effective Formulation

Maximize Profit, Minimize Costs

Our Cost-Effective Formulation feature allows you to formulate success on a budget. Create feeds that optimize profitability while minimizing production costs.

Feed Brilliance, Feed Success, Feed Efficiency. Feed Profit. Feed Tomorrow

Ready to embark on a journey where every feed pellet is a promise of prosperity? Let’s redefine the way you nourish your flock. Join our community of poultry pioneers and unlock a new era of feedmill excellence.

Success Stories

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