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Fishery Solutions - SAP Business One based ERP

There’s a better way to manage your Fishery

Elevate your fisheries operations: Seamlessly streamline cultivation, harvest, and processing for unmatched productivity and sustainable growth.

We are Fishery Industry Experts

Exclusive SAP partner deploying Fishery -specific module for the Fishery sector

Navigating prosperity with SAP: Custom solutions for fisheries' operational brilliance.

Manage fisheries lifecycle from precision aquaculture to sustainable harvest and transparent supply chain management.

Catch and Fleet Management

1) Real-time tracking of fishing vessels and monitoring of catch details. 2) Integration with GPS systems for location tracking and route optimization.

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Inventory Management

1) Tracking and management of fishing gear, equipment, and supplies.
2) Live visibility into inventory levels and automated reorder processes.

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Seafood Processing

1) Integration with processing units for seamless tracking of raw material to finished goods.
2) Monitoring processing workflows, yield calculations, and packaging.

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Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

1)Tools to ensure compliance with fishing regulations and environmental standards.
2)Automated reporting for regulatory bodies and certifications.

Aquaculture Management

1) Management of aquaculture activities, including pond or pen monitoring.
2) Tracking of water quality parameters, feeding schedules, and growth analytics.

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Quality Control and Traceability

1) Quality assurance processes for seafood products, including inspections.
2) Traceability features to identify the source and journey of each batch of seafood.

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Sales and Distribution

1) Management of sales orders, pricing, and distribution channels.
2) Integration with marketplaces, retailers, and distributors for efficient sales processes.

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Mobile ERP Access

1) Mobile applications for field operatives and vessel crews.
2) Allows for real-time data input, communication, and access to critical information.

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