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Logicaldna quality assurance service

LogicalDNA offers a comprehensive suite of quality assurance that spans across consulting, functional, QTP automated testing process and selenium testing. Our QA service is a planned and systematic pattern of actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a software product conforms to requirements during  development. LogicalDNA QA consists of methodologies and techniques of assessing the app development processes and methods, tools, and technologies used to ensure the quality of the developed app.

Our Quality Assurance Methods

Performance Testing (Including Profiling And Benchmarking)

We provide not only testing itself, but a complete Quality Assurance service, which means the following: a planned and systematic pattern of actions that ensure the developed system conforms to the technical requirements. a set of activities designed to evaluate the process by which your system is developed or maintained. Repetitive work is very boring if it is done manually. People tend to make mistakes when doing the same task over and over. Our special testing tools give the  features directly for the information that process by developer.

Configuration (Different Platforms, Operation Systems, Browsers)

LogicalDNA Testing Team is skilled in testing application developed for any platform, including Windows, the UNIX-family and MacOS.

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